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Morocco is an extraordinary country to practice ORWC. Its climate, its proximity, the hospitality of its inhabitants makes it an attractive and reasonably priced destination. This combined with the availability of local facilities adapted to ORWC practice explains why we start with this country in our guide. To date 6 expeditions have been completed here.

For more information, see the data sheet. and the map

wpe9.jpg (5390 octets)

Camel2.jpg (6843 octets)

Camel1.jpg (4334 octets)

Pass in the Ait Bougmez

Pulled by a camel

Sagho1.jpg (5096 octets)

Toubkal.jpg (11965 octets)

Bivouac2.jpg (9861 octets)

Djebel Sagho

Some rest in Toubkal

Camp fire

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