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Morocco data sheet


How to get there

Marrakech at only 4 hours flight from France and the fares are often attractive.

What is the best time

Almost at any time of the year. Spring and fall have our preference. The summer heat can be avoided by going into the high Atlas mountains while winter might be a good time to visit the souternmost lands.

Local contacts 

Two very good morocan agencies have taken care of our hikes there. They took care of all the logistics. Lodging was provided in lodges, under tents or even in local houses.

Beduino Caravanserail - Marrakech,
Organized 6 one week ORWC hikes in the Atlas mountain

Mohamed Chakir - El Kelaa M'Gouna, 
Has organized 2
one week ORWC hikes in the Atlas mountain

More information  and

ORWC routes


Région ORWC riders

Avril 1992

Sud du M'Goun

JF Porret
Septembre 1994

Traversée Nord Sud Haut Atlas

JF Porret

Octobre 1995

Massif du Toubkal

G Bouchet + D Barbet

Octobre 1996 Ait Bougmez G Bouchet
Octobre 1997 Djebel Sagho G Bouchet
Octobre 1998 Zaouiat Ahanessal  G Bouchet + JF Porret
Octobre 1999 Rivages d'Essaouira G Bouchet + D Barbet
Mai 2001 Massif du Siroua G Bouchet + JF Porret

Daily steps

1-Sud du M'Goun:
Skoura - Timghrirt - Imzil - Aznak - Tabarkhart - El Kelaa

2-Traversée Nord-Sud du Haut Atlas:
Imi l Frir - Tifni - Ait Tamlil - Toughrine - Tamzrit - Zaouiat B Naji - Toundout - Ait Youb - Tamalout

3-Massif du Toubkal:
Oukaimeden - Tachedirt - Imlil - Refuge Nelter - Imlil

4-Ait Bougmez:
Imelghas - Agouti - Abachkou - Tabart'n Tirsal - Tizi Oubadou 

5-Djebel Sagho:
Talouète - Ait Ben Haddou - M'Smine - Tizi n Tazazarte - Bab Nali - K'Nob

6-Zaouiat Ahanessal:
Imelghas - Ait Oulmzi - Oussamsouk - Ait Ahanessal - Amezrai

7-Rivages d'Essaouira:
Essaouira - Sidi Kaouki - Tidzi - Iftane - Lafedna - Imar Ditsne - Marrakech

8-Massif du Siroua:
Tamlakout - Asaka - Azibs M'Dist - Azibs D'Riri - Tamazight - Tamlakout

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