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Cabo Verde islands:

Cabo Verde is an archipelago of 10 islands located in the atlantic ocean, aprox 400 miles west of the african coast. Two islands (Santa Antao and Sao Nicolao) are appropriate for hiking and, with lots of caution, for ORWC's. The mountain slopes are generally  very steep. The trails are challenging and often risky for wheelchair riders. They should not be tried without years of practice and without the assistance of strong and very experienced friends.

The landscape beauty, the small number of tourists and the incredible friendliness of the cap verdeans make this destination a very appealing one. Not without mentionning the Cesare Evoria music or the local glasses of rhum... 

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For more infos, look at the  data sheet and the map

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1250 m downhill ride from the Cova crater rim

1500 m of extremely steep ride down to the Atlantic ocean

A very friendly population


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