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Santa Antao: Data sheet

How to get there

A direct flight links Paris to Sal, the cabo verdean international airport, in less than 6 hours. Direct flights are also available from Portugal.
From Sal, a connecting flight gets to Mindelo in 50 minutes. The small plane (30 seats) is often overbooked and it is a good idea to get ahead of time from the local airline a written approval for the ORWC transportation.
The following day, an incredibly old boat will take you, in an unforgetable 1 hour navigation, to Santa Antao. 

What is the best time

Almost whenever, except maybe the summer heat and the August-September short but heavy rainfalls. November was outstanding for us. In December starts the time of the tropical winds which cool down the temperature, but change the boat experience into a wild roller coaster...

Local contacts 

There is still very little touristic infrastructure, which gives to this island its taste of great authenticity. Staying in local houses or in small lodges will be your best bet.
To guide you and gives you advices you on the potential trails:

Dany, pension "chez Luizette" - Santa Antạ - Tel:21 15 86 in Ponta do Sol
Alfred Mandl - Santa Antao _

More information

Group of 8 persons, including one quadriplegic
Date: November 2001 

For more details:

The ORWC routes

Two kind of routes have been done:
- taking local dirt roads with very little car traffic. Just hire one of the very popular "aluguer" (taxi) to drop you at the highest point and enjoy the downhill ride and the beautiful landscape
- riding down one of the very typical mule trails. All of them are extreme in an ORWC and will only be opened to experienced rider, not affraid by very steep slopes and assisted by veru professional mountaineers.

Santa Antao Diff Deniv(m) #
Pico da Cruz - Janela ED 1450 325
Cova - Vila de Pombas TD 1250 323
Cova - Ribeira Grande PD 1250 326
Lagoinha - Boca de Ambas TD+ 1100 324
Losna - Cha de Ingreja PD 650 327
Losna - Boca de Ambas PD 500 328

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