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ORWC models:

From France:

"Dahu": 20 kg - 135 cm x 85 cm x 75 cm

 4 wheel model, comming with a fully suspended seat and 4 very powerfull disk brakes. Excellent behaviour on all kind of terrains. This model can be driven by quadriplegics.

Fit 'n Go - 62 rue Salomon Reinach, 69007 Lyon, email

"Cougar X4": 25 kg - 145 cm x 105 AV (80cm AR) cm x 75 cm

Fully suspended 6" front and 7"rear. 4 Hydraulic brakes.
Fully adjustable (seating, handlebars, wheels angles)

Association Handi Tech - 12 Av du Dr Bertrand, 13008 Marseille - Tel. 06 75 03 73 29 -

"CTT":  24 kg -  180cm x  100cm x  80cm

3 wheel model, fully suspended, telescopic front and rear suspension with 9cm excursion. VBrake Shimano in front and 2 rear hydrolic brakes. Very fast, stable and providing a good comfort. Children sizes available.

Moyeu Concept - 6 route de Puiseaux, 45390 Aulnay la rivière - Tel: 02 38 33 92 50     

"lozère": 15 kg – 65cm x 75cm x 65cm

2 wheel model, with 2 mountain bike tires. This model is intermediate between a city wheelchair and a real Off Road Wheel Chair.

BFP électronique, 69 route d’Antranas, 48100 Marvejols


1 wheel model, capable of getting almost anywhere, but needing continuously 2 persons to push and pull it. Very good solution for heavy handicaps or when the trail is impossible to be handled by other devices.


North american models


"Cobra": 20 kg - 120 cm x 75 cm x 80 cm -

Designed by John Castellano. Very first  ORWC available on the market, still very performant. Easy to handle, light and outstandingly robust. The Quad braking system is very tricky and ergonomic. 

Unfortunately not manufactured anymore except for the"ACE", a revolutionary prototype exclusively used by John Davis for racing.

"DHX-1": 20 kg – 200 cm x 110 cm x 82 cm –

Racing chair with a 25 cm full suspension. The rear suspension can be controlled by the pilot on the handle bar. 4 disc brakes. Its price is obviously in proportion with its performances...

Grove innovations, 120west church street, Center Hall, Pa 16828

"Four cross": 25 kg – 200 cm x 110 cm x 82 cm –

each four cross is individually constructed of chro-mo tubing. each of the four wheels exhibits 6" of independent suspension and is fitted with a disk brake actuated from the handlebars. a-frame front end, push-rod steering, rear indi swing-arms. 20"/26" wheels.

Outlet industries 490-1919B 4 Street S.W. Calgary Alberta, Canada


First model fully designed for racing by Michael Whiting. Apparently not available anymore on the market place.

Wildernet, 1946 South marion street, Denver Co 80210

"Enduro": 27 kg – 170 cm x 100 cm x 90 cm –

Design similar to the "Buzzard".

Wheelring, 2001D Commerce Park dr, Annapolis MD 21407, USA

"Buzzard": 20 kg – 140 cm x 100 cm x 90 cm –

First model equipped with a suspension. It is still used by a swedish racer..

Eagle Sportchair, 2351 Parkwood road, Snellville Ca 30278, USA


Low cost version of the Phoenix. Probably not available anymore on the market place.

Wildernet, 1946 South marion street, Denver Co 80210

"One-Off Titanium":

First model mixing the handcycling and the off road downhill capabilities. Now available on the market. 


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