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Major routes:

We have selected here the routes with the highest vertical drop, providing outstanding views and, whenever possible, achievable with a high degree of autonomy. The technical difficulty has not been the main criteria, but has still be taken into account as it is also a part of the fun. 

Two kind of downhill rides have been described hereunder: the linked routes and the major ones.

Linked routes

The challenge here is to achieve on the same day a number of downhill rides linking different sides of a valley or different valleys. Getting to the tops will be done by means of the available lifts or with the assistance of your (strong) mountain biking friends (yes, they do love it... ). But exclusive of any car assistance provided by someone else. 

1. The 3 Mont Blanc valleys

This is by far the best of our selections, due to the exceptional views, the overall vertical drop as well as its steepness. It links 4 mountain sides back and forth.

Routes Nos Vertical drop (m) Distance (km) Difficulty Date
316-317-318-319 3630 30 D 11-aout-01

2. The 2 sides of Bourg St Maurice

Very nice route on the 2 sides of the Isere valley. Two strong mountain bikers will be needed to pull the 300 meters linking up to Arcs 1800.

Routes Nos Vertical drop (m) Distance (km) Difficulty Date
223 3370 48 D+ 7-aout-98

3. The 3 valleys of Les Arcs         

Well known ski ride in winter, it is also acievable with an ORWC. We show here a variation of the classical route, providing a round trip from Bozel and avoiding spending your day under ski lifts only.

Parcours Nos Dénivelé (m) Distance (km) Difficulté Date
251 2860 30 D 29-jul-99

4. Val Thorens - St Martin de Belleville

Starting from the Peclet glacier, gets down to Les Ménuires, then up to Mont de la Chambre et down again to St Martin.. 

Routes Nos Vertical drop (m) Distance (km) Difficulty Date
313-314 2650 27 D 7-aout-01

5. Brévent - La Flégère

Continuously steep ride with breathtaking views on the Mont Blanc. A 2 to 3 miles pushing will be necessary to link the bottom of the Brevent ride to the lift getting to the top of La Flegere.

Routes Nos Vertical drop (m) Distance (km) Difficulty Date
311-312 2350 13 D+ 6-aout-01

6. Les versants de Pralognan

Enchaine la vallée des Prioux à une (ou plusieurs) descentes du sommet du Bochor.

Routes Nos Vertical drop (m) Distance (km) Difficulty Date
306-307 1100 10 AD 26-jun-01


Major routes

If you sort out all the routes by vertical drop, you will end up with aprox 80 exceeding 1000 meters. We selected here only the few ones that we found particularly appealing. Some of them might be extreme (black difficulty) and will need the assistance of a very professional team.

Route No Vertical drop (m) Difficulty
Grandes Platieres - Oext 320 2320 TD
Jandri - 2 Alpes - Chemin romain 204 2300 AD
Croix de Chamrousse - Vizille par l'Oeilly 124 2000 AD
Grandes Platieres - Samoens 253 1810 TD+
Moucherotte - Fontaine 43 1750 D
Col de Charoute - Pont Pallier 192 1730 D
Punta Bagna - Modane 201 1650 TD
Ventoux - Bédouin par le jas des Landerots 117 1600 D
Emosson - Finhaut - Vernavaz 166 1570 AD
Brevent - Chamonix 129 1500 D
Col de Valbelle - St Andre d'Embrun 191 1500 PD
Col du Sabot - Allemont 105 1400 AD
Flaine - Balme 194 1350 D+
Col du Petit St Bernard - Bourg St Maurice 160 1300 AD
La Plagne - Aime 286 1300 AD
Col de Solliere - Termignon 227 1250 PD
Montagne de Lure - Cruis 185 1200 D
Fort du Gondran - Briançon 224 1200 PD
Col du Granon - La Salle 189 1120 D
Plateau d'En Paris - La Grave 67 1100 D+
Col du Belvedere - La Thuile 221 1100 AD

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