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The courses presented in this section are the results of rides and subjective accounts that are dependant upon the level of self-control of the rider, the type of product utilised, as well as the real conditions at the time. This information is given at face value and can become obsolete by changes in terrain or environment. Always check the general recommendations before going on a ride for accurate information. 

To understand the information provided in the reports, such as the  conventions used, just go to Information on routes reports.

new7.gif (26402 bytes) I!!!  all the routes !!!

The routes have been classified by geographical area, mountain range and starting point. This should immediately answer the question: how many routes have been done in a specific location, and which one could I give a try?

You can use any other criteria to sort them (like vertical drop, or length, or difficulty etc…) by just left clicking on the corresponding column header in the table. 



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