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USA data sheet

How to get there

Just check with your usual travel agent

When is the best time

Avoid the snow season and potentially the hot summer months for the Grand Canyon

Local contacts

Some ski resorts allow the ORWC practice and have adapted ski lifts.
What gets more complicated is when you want to ride in a National Park or in the plain nature. For the Grand Canyon, we had to get the rangers agreement and find the professional willing to assist the wheelchair rider getting down and up (this is the most difficult part !).
The canyon of Chelly sits within the Navajo land and riding on your own into it is not allowed. We have been assisted by an indian guide who helped getting down into the canyon and getting out from the other side.

More details

Group of 2 persons, including 1 quadriplegic.
Dates: May 94 et July 98
More details:

ORWC routes

Two of the routes summarized below are exceptional.
The Grand Canyon provides a very rough and steep trail, with outstanding views. As for pedestrians, th main difficulty is not getting down, but comming back up. For the ORWC, a very skilled mule rider will be necessary to master up the myriad of the trail switchbacks.

The Canyon of Chelly should be tackled early morning, before the arrival of the first hikers. Getting down with a wheelchair, on this trail hanged into the cliff is a truly unique experience ! 

USA  Diff Vert drop (m)  No 
Mount Pluto - North Star PD 700 91
Mount Watson - Tahoe city AD 700 92
Santa Inez Mountains F 600 93
Grand Canyon Kaibab trail ED 300 216
State Park Berkeley PD 300 90
Canyon de Chelly TD 200 214
Grand Canyon South Rim F 10 215

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