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Tibet data sheet

How to get there

Lhasa, the tibetan head city can be reached by plane through Beijing and Chengdu, or through Kathmandou in Nepal. We prefered getting a deeper feeling of the country travelling by car from the nepalese border. The journey takes between 3 and 4 days on a rough dirt road in a wonderfull landscape. Each of the daily stops can be made in the chinese governmental hotel, usually large and almost empty. It is also possible to rest with one of the very typical and low cost tibetan lodge, but the comfort will be very basic. It is definitely worth the experience though...

What is the best time

Fall gets a very nice weather pattern, but cold. Summer will be milder, but with more rain. We choosed the spring time and we got a rather sunny and stable weather, but with much wind and dust. In the mountains, the snow fell in small quantity every three or four days.

Local contacts

As our plans were aimed at an area for which the access had always been forbidden, we had to get a whole bunch of permits and aprovals from different bodies. The whole logistics had to be taken care of by the Tibetan Mountaineering Association, no other choice. They picked us up at the nepalese border and helped us achieve our objectives.

Medical advice

The key point is obviously the continuous high altitude level and the lack of time to get used to it. If you land by plane to Lhasa, you suddenly arrive at an elevation of 3700 m and you certainly will feel a little short breath. On the other hand, if you had decided to travel by car, you will cross your first pass on the second day, at an elevation of 5600 m. Do not run too fast !...
It is critical, before leaving your country, to check with your doctor if your disability is compatible with a low oxygen level (only one half of the sea level at 5000 meters). He will also teach you the symptoms of the Acute Altitude Illness.

More information

Group of 7 persons, including one quadriplegic.
Date: May 1993
: 4 weeks 
More details:

ORWC routes

Our group was pursuing 3 main objectives:
- a scientific study driven by a geologist from the French National Research Center
- the ascent of a 6000 meters summit
- the achievement of a few downhill rides with an ORWC by the quadriplegic

Some very nice rides have then been completed in the Kula Kangri area, or close to the Everest  or also between the high tibetan plateau and the low level nepalese lands.

Tibet  Diff Vertical drop (m)  No 
Nyalam (3800m) - Zangmu F 1500 65
Kula Kangri (5500m) - Base Camp AD 1100 62
Zangmu (2300m) - Friendship bridge F 600 66
Kula Kangri (5000m) AD 550 61
Peng La (5200m) AD 500 64
Alpages (4400m) AD 150 63
Potala (Dalai Lama summer residence) AD 50 60

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