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ORWC main practices

As for any other outdoors sport, we will find some people who prefer racing, while others will like better hiking at their own pace. And also, due to the very short learning curve needed to drive an ORWC, almost anyone could use it just for leasure and the fun of beeing togethet.

And for those who are more adventurous and like meeting people from a different culture, many trips abroad will become possible.


It is today practised almost exclusively in the USA and Canada, with some rare events in Sweden and Japan.  Often grouped with the NORBA racing circuit, an American mountain biking association, this consists of three types of event: downhill, parallel slalom and cross-country.  The growing interest in ORWC has driven the organisers of NORBA to adapt the routes to make them compatible with the ORWC. 

This aspect of the sport is not, for the moment, of concern to the “Federation Française Handisport”: it is considered to have too many safety, insurance etc. parameters to handle.

Look for the other links if you are interested by this side of the ORWC practice.

Downhill rides:

This is primary mode of practice  The usual practice is on downhill routes as the weight of the ORWC makes them more difficult to handle on flat and uphill terrain.  More rolling routes can be accomplished with other cyclists, while more technical or trials-like ones will require accompaniment on foot. The group then keeps constant pace, and all will enjoy the experience. 

The high starting points are generally reached by car or mechanical lift. A 4WD could be used (but we prefer not to tear up the country side !).


Just for leasure:

One of the aspect that is probably the most appealing with ORWC riding is to simply share what you like with the people you like. Don't even think of a sport, just enjoy the company...
With your family or with your friends how good it is to get back to the pleasure of hiking in the woods! Or to take on your knees for a long exhilarating downhill one kid whose smile will be your best present since a long time...

But also and mainly to go any where your imagination or your desire will push you: fishing, hunting, on the beach, animals watching, you name it... Just go for it!

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Rambling with family

Approaching Antilopes in Ethiopia

Sharing a ride in a 3 wheeler .


Trips abroad

Days or weeks of hiking can be organized with the assistance of a local staff. Many countries provide the possibiliey of hiring an animal (mule, horse, yack, etc...) to pull up the ORWC. The downhill rides will obviously be done on your own. This will give access to long mountain ranges crossing or to remote high altitude valley totally unreachable in a wheelchair otherwise.

Another benefit of the ORWC might also be to simply be able to wander around in those third world towns or villages, fulled with holes, steps, stones and other gimmicks so awfull to handle in our everyday wheelchairs.

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