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Jordan data sheet


How to get there

We flew on the Royal Jordanian airlines which link Paris to Amman in 6 hours and give a connecting flight on the same day to Aquaba. The ORWC transportation worked out nicely.

What is the best time

Spring and fall are the most pleasant time. The summer is too hot and you might get some snow in winter.

Local contacts

The country is very friendly for tourism and it is relatively easy to get organized locally. Public transportation is cheap and convenient, but cannot be taken with a wheelchair. We used taxis to drive us to Petra and the Wadi Rum desert. Accessible hotels are as usual quite expensive, but cheaper lodges can be found where the lack of accessibility is balanced by the hospitality and assistance of your hosts.
In the Wadi Rum desert, bedu style tents with camping beds are very convenient. Hiring a donkey to tow the ORWC in and around Petra is fairly easy.

And for the snorklers or scuba divers, it is possible to rent the appropriate gear and guide.

More information

Group of 2 persons, including 1 quadriplegic.
Date: April 1996
Length: 10 jours 
More details:

ORWC routes

We concentrated our visits to 2 places only: Petra and Wadi Rum

Jordan  Diff Vert drop(m) No 
Pétra F 150 144
Al Beidha F 100 146
Wadi Rum AD 50 143
Sun Set Point F 10 145

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