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Ethiopia is a country that is not well known in France.  It is, however, a magnificent destination with beautiful landscapes and very rich in culture.  Organising a voyage there is far less costly than one might expect, provided that you organise it yourself.  The high plateau in the north, the Bale mountain range in the southeast and even the Omo region offer many interesting possibilities for the ORWC. 

For more information, see the data sheet and the map

Omo.jpg (8632 octets)

wpe5.jpg (3534 octets)

wpe24.jpg (5579 octets)

Local beauties in the Omo valley

At 3300 m in the Simien mountains

Approching the Blue Niles falls

wpe27.jpg (3788 octets) wpe2A.jpg (5954 octets) wpe28.jpg (3686 octets)

Lalibella rock hewned churches

At 4370 m in the Bale mountains

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