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Ecuador is a destination very appropriate for ORWC practice. The central part of the country consists of a high plateau (almost 3000m high) ringed with volcanoes. Lots of dirt roads accessible by vehicles give access to high starting points, opening the way to magnificent descents. On the other hand, the weather is very changeable, contrary to common belief. It is easy to understand that the remoteness (for Europeans at least) of this country makes it rather an expensive destination. 

For more information, see the data sheet and the map

wpe2.jpg (3897 octets)

wpeA.jpg (2970 octets)

wpe1.jpg (4867 octets)

Uplift towards the camp

Downhill from 5000 m on the Chimborazo (6300 m) slopes

Pulled by horses..

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Typical kids

Amazonian trip



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