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Back packing equipment:

Sleeping bag

The good idea will be to choose a warm bag, but not too much. It is always far easier to get warmer by adding clothes within your sleeping bag than getting cooler when you do'nt have anything else than your bag to get rid off... A key point will actually be to find out a model with a zipper on top of the sleeping bag. This will greatly facilitate getting in and out of it while preventing any potential pressure risk when you sleep on your side.


For your personal routine under all circumstances (travels, camps, outdoor etc...). Must be light and easy to hand carry.

2 models available fromr :Fit 'n Go - 62 rue Salomon Reinach, 69007 Lyon,

Camping model, robust and easy to carry out,  4.5kg
Expedition model, for the world wide travelers, 2.5 kg





As soon as you plan a camping trip including a few days sleeping on the ground, you need to consider taking an appropriate protection against pressure sore. It is often difficult to carry over  or to find locally an appropriate foam mattress. A good compromise then will be to take with you an air mattress, providing it is reliable (you cannot afford a leak while you sleep !), soft and light.
A custom mattress, meeting all those requirements (weight 1.2 kg), can be made by:
CERTEC, Sourcieux les Mines, tel. 33 474 703 982 

Carrying harness

When exploring new possibilities for ORWC riding, or travelling into very remote areas, you might find circumstances where beeing carried over remains the only alternative. A special harness, called "Cacolet" can be used. It is manufactured by a canadian company, is still very heavy (approx 3 kg), but could save your life.

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