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ORWC Equipment:


Safety kit

To take with you under any circumstances.

There is nothing worse than getting stuck without any repair material and/or without any warm clothes while waiting for some external help in a freezing wind...

In the Pilot bag

1 front reinforced inner tube
1 rear reinforced inner tube
1 repair kit (rubber pads, colle, remove tires)
1 pump
1 safety sheet
1 spare warm protective cloth
Disability material (i.e. catheters, medications...)
1 mobile phone if possible
And, obviously, always wear your helmet!...

In the guide (if any) bag:

1 repair kit (rubber pads, colle, remove tires)
1 pump
1 safety sheet
2 flat wrenches (13 mm et 17 mm)
1 screwdriver
1 jeu de clés 6 pans
1 clé à molette
1 brake cable
1 map, scale1/25000, of the route
1 rope of approx 15 meters long and 7 mm diameter
2 carabineers


Take mountain bike tires designed for downhill and with the largest width available (2" and more) for a better grip on smooth surfaces. Using a mylar strip in the tires to protect against flats might be appropriate. There are some new foam materials currently under test by some manufacturers. They reportedly would lead to flat free tires. Let's hope it will work...

Tow devices

- Photo -

This device links the ORWC to the animal pulling it. It provides also a quick disconnect system in case of any problem. 
Made of a 6mm diameter rope, 1m long, with a carabineer on the chair side and the quick disconnect on the animal end. The disconnection is activated by the pilot with a small cable.

Legs protection bag

Protects the pilot body from the rain, the wind or the dust. It is also very usefull when crossing some creeks or small rivers.

made by Air Bulle  (04 76 08 26 26) 
A plastic trash bag could also be used, but might generate a lot of moisture in it.

Drinking bottle

A bottle clamped on the ORWC frame can obviously be used. But the most convenient way of beeing re-hydrated (especially for long trips under a heavy sun) is to hang on the back of your chair a water bottle with a small pipe linked to the pilot (like CamelPack, Platypus etc..).


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